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Hearing Aid Solutions

  • Dispensing Open-Fit hearing devices for the most cosmetically appealing hearing solution and custom-fitted earpieces for recreational activities, music listening and telephone use, including Bluetooth headsets, hearing protection, swimming and more. On-site ENT physician, Michael A. Shternfeld, MD to provide medical management of hearing problems.
  • Manchester Hearing Center is a premiere audiology practice in South Windsor, CT. Our audiologists work hand-in-hand with the ENT specialist to provide patients with the most comprehensive medical care. An integral part of any ear, nose, and throat practice is the audiology department.

Many of our patients present conditions, including hearing disorders and ear diseases associated with outer, middle, inner and retrocochlear sites. These include:

Otitis media
Perforations of the tympanic membrane
Eustachian tube dysfunction
Sensorineural hearing loss
Acoustic nerve lesions
Meniere's disease

Certified audiologists trained in all aspects of hearing science, hearing disorders, and diagnostic procedures work closely with the ENT physician. Our audiologists can evaluate and treat the full spectrum of ear and hearing disorders in all age groups.

"I was fitted with two hearing aids and I'm very pleased. The service is professional in a warm and friendly environment. I would highly recommend!" - W.L. Manchester, CT