Diagnostic Testing

Manchester Hearing Center's diagnostic testing includes:

  • Diagnostic audiometry, tympanometry, acoustic reflex, otoacoustic emissions
    Dizziness evaluations (ENG/VNG)
    Site of lesion testing (ABR)
  • In addition to those listed above, we also manage:

    Digital Hearing aid dispensing (most hearing aids are fit on a 30 day trial period)
    Repair of most major brands of hearing aids (regardless of source)
    Hearing aid cleaning tools and supplies, Hearing aid batteries
    Assistive listening devices (FM sytems, TV amplifiers, telephone amplifiers, alarm clocks, etc.)
    Hearing protection including electronic hearing protection, custom noise plugs, and custom Musicians plugs.
    Custom earpieces for recreational activities, music listening, and telephone use including Bluetooth headsets.
    Custom Swimmolds

Manchester Hearing Center's audiology department has state-of-the-art hearing instruments available from most major manufacturers. We will evaluate your individual needs and help you select the style, technology, and brand that will best fit you. Please call our office for an appointment. Appointments are scheduled in a timely manner and special accommodations are often made..

"I want to thank you so much for this new Hearing Aid of mine. An thank goodness, no FEEDBACK, isn't that great? Again thank you so much for all your help." - E.P. Windsor Locks, CT